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Below you will see floor plans for each building and an outside map.   Please note the following:

  • Maps DO NOT reflect real-time availability.  UPDATED 9/11/2023

  • Maps are not real-time:  If the booth is labeled closed, they are not available.  If the booth shows size and price, they are available. 

  • To reserve a booth, you must send in a Registration Form

  • Please contact us for up-to-date availability.

It is best to view this page with a computer, not a mobile device


Indoor Booth Info

The Palmetto Sportsmen's Class has over 500 indoor booths available streched over 5 buildings.  The majority of these booths are concentrated in the GoodmanCantey and Moore Buildings.  Nutt Cattle Arena showcases our entertainment like Godwin, Raptor Show, and Bass Tub.  The Ellison Building is home to our shows biggest sponsor, the SCDNR, and other conservation orginizations.  

Contact Info


Fax 803-734-4300

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