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Cantey Building

Cantey Building Specs:

The Cantey Building is a 40,000 square foot building (160' x 225' deep exhibit space). This building holds 183 (8' x 10') booth spaces and is our largest building. Housed in this building are exhibitors from all areas of the hunting and fishing world. The Cantey Building is joined to the Goodman Building by two enclosed pedestrian breezeway. The Cantey Building is the second building on the right as attendees enter the fairgrounds at gate 6.

  • All booths are 10' wide X 8' deep

  • 183 Booth Spaces

  • Cost is $500.00 for General Booths and $550.00 for Corner Booths and XXL Booths (10'x10')

  • Within the cost, you get free electricity, 8' Table (one), 2 chairs, 4 badges & Parking Pass

  • WiFi is available for transactions.  NO STREAMING


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