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Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic

Vendor Giveaway

All giveaways will be conducted on our PSC Facebook Page

DNR Popsocket Giveaway

Sponsor: SCDNR

Giveaway Dates: 11/14-11/20

Winners (5)

  • Ellen M (Instagram)

  • Zack N (Instagram)

  • Wanda B (Facebook)

  • Clay G (Facebook)

  • Amanda M (Facebook)

Smokin' Coals

Sponsor: Smokin' Coals

Giveaway Dates: 11/21-11/27

  •  This Wonderful Gift Set of 3 dry rubs and 3 famous sauces is up for grabs.  Just in time for Christmas.

Winners (1)

Michele C (Facebook)

Sportsman's Variety

Sponsor: Sportsman's Variety

Giveaway Dates: 11/27-12/4

  • Winner will take home a custom signed​ Turkey Call.  Tony Quarino of Sportsman's Variety has won more than 88 NWTF awards, including 1st place awards at the National NWTF Convention.  Will also include a  turkey/antler belt buckle.  

Winners (1)


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