Sponsorship Opportunities

Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic 2020

First and foremost, thank you for your valuable time and consideration to become a sponsor for the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic. The Classic will be held in Columbia, SC, March 27-29, 2020. This will be our 36th year. Last year, we had almost 38,000 attendees.  Our attendance was up 16% over the past 4 years.  


We offer a variety of sponsorship packages that we can gear to your needs. We are currently working with Academy Sports, Artic Cat, Palmetto Armory, Eukanuba and Chevy on a promotional sponsorship and were wondering if you might be interested in doing something similar. We can put together any type of package that you would like.



LARGE:  Sponsorship Packages for PSC 2020


1.  Headliner - $25,000-$50,000 – The Classic hires a personality who is well known from a television show. Sponsor would be recognized on all print material and a banner will be placed in seminar area.


2.  Entertainment/Seminars - $6,000 – The Classic hires individuals to put on seminars or educational entertainment in various locations at the fairgrounds. (For example the trout pond, fly fishing demonstration, bass tub, Bwana Jim). Sponsor would be recognized on all print material and a banner will be placed in seminar area.

3.  Individual Building Sponsor at the Classic:  The Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic is spread out across the SC Fair Grounds.  80% of vendors are housed indoors and the remaining 20% are outdoor vendors.  Indoor vendors are located in 5 buildings.  This sponsorship allows your company to have naming rights for the entire weekend.  For example:

  1. Goodman Building ($5,000.00)

    1. The "YOU COMPANY's NAME" Goodman Building or

    2. Goodman Building sponsored by "YOU COMPANY's NAME" 

  2. Cantey Building ($5,000.00)

    1. The "YOU COMPANY's NAME"  Cantey Building or

    2. Cantey Building sponsored by "YOU COMPANY's NAME" 

  3. Nutt Cattle Arena ($3,000.00)

    1. The "YOU COMPANY's NAME"  Nutt Cattle Arena

    2. Nutt Cattle Arena sponsored by "YOU COMPANY's NAME" 

  4. Moore Building ($2,500.00)

    1. The "YOU COMPANY's NAME"  Moore Building

    2. Moore Building sponsored by "YOU COMPANY's NAME" 

  5. All* Buildings Sponsor

    1. “Name of Building” sponsored by "YOU COMPANY's NAME" 

    2. *Denotes every building with the exception of the SCDNR’s Ellison Building

4.  Kids Educational Booth - $3,500 (Cost varies according to the activities) - Provides hands-on activities for children to learn about our natural resources. Building a bird house or bird feeder, making fish from recycled aluminum cans or CD’s, constructing an archaeological dig are just a few of the activities that children have enjoyed over the years.

  1. Naming Rights

    1. The Cabela’s Kids Educational Zone (or the sponsor’s discretion)




















STANDARD:  Sponsorship Packages for PSC 2019


  1. Online Ticket Sales Sponsor – This is a merchandise giveaway contest.  Individuals who purchase tickets online will have an opportunity to win an item, sponsored by ("YOU COMPANY's NAME"). 

    1. Sponsorship Cost = Merchandise (Greater than $350.00 retail value)PLUS $1,000.00

  2. Printed Ticket Sponsor

    1. Sponsorship Cost = Negotiable

  3. Show Presence – Areas around the fairgrounds set up to pass out materials, promo items, etc.

    1. Sponsorship Cost = Negotiable

  4. Trades (Sponsorship Cost = Negotiable):

  • Booth Space for Merchandise, Attractions,  and/or Services

  • Advertising (Print, Radio, TV, Electronic) for Merchandise, Attractions and/or Services

  • Tickets for Merchandise, Attractions and/or Services

  • Sponsorship Cost = Negotiable


In exchange, we would provide you with:

  • Organization name/logo on all promotional and advertising materials, including the Internet

  • On-site space for your organization’s banners

  • Acknowledgment in live media broadcasts whenever possible

  • Ad in Classic Program. Distributed to every attendee who enters gate

  • Other amenities you may require