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Exhibitors understand and agree that the South Carolina Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic, hereafter referred to as the Classic, operates for the benefit of all exhibitors and its attendees. Acceptance of the following Exhibitor Rules and Regulations constitutes your agreement to abide by all stated Rules and Regulations to ensure a wonderful show for all involved.


The purpose of the Classic is to provide a one-stop shop for South Carolina’s outdoor recreationalists -- an event where attendees can interact with experts, purchase gear and supplies, as well as gain knowledge through educational workshops. 

Exhibitor Eligibility/Application

1.1      Any organization that manufactures, provides, or sells products for outdoor recreation is eligible to apply to be an exhibitor. A limited number of lifestyle exhibitor applications will also be approved.

1.2      The Classic reserves the right to determine eligibility and approval of any exhibitors and exhibits in its sole discretion.

1.3      The Classic reserves the right to terminate an Exhibitor’s acceptance of an application at any time. Cancellation may occur for violation of any Classic or State Fairgrounds Rules or Regulations. In addition to violation of the state Rules and Regulations, cancellation may occur, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, because of:

1.3.1    Change or addition to the Exhibitor's product line from that listed within their application.

1.3.2    Delinquency of Exhibitor's account with the Classic. The Classic reserves the right to apply any fees submitted with any application as payment toward any existing past-due account with the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic.

1.4      Exhibitors may withdraw an application at any time prior to acceptance of their application with written notice for a full refund.

1.5      No refunds on cancellations received within thirty (30) days prior to show will be granted. The Classic will make all refunds within thirty (30) days after the Classic.


Assignment of Exhibit Space


2.1      Current exhibitors that are in good standing with the Classic and State Fairgrounds will have first right of refusal for their current location and number of exhibit spaces if and only if their application and deposition is received prior to the Grandfather Date, which falls on September 15.

2.2      Following the Grandfather Date date, current exhibitors in good standing may request to change buildings, move their exhibit space and/or request additional exhibit space.

2.3      Exhibitors are prohibited from exchanging booth assignments with any other exhibitor without expressed written permission from the Classic. No exchanges will be approved within 30 days of the event.

2.4      Subletting or donation of space partially or in its entirety is not permissible without the written consent of the Classic management.

2.5      New exhibitors may request exhibit space by building and booth space. Request of a specific booth space does not guarantee an exhibitor will be assigned that space. The Classic reserves the right to place an exhibitor into an alternate space for the benefit of the event. Reasons could include, but are not limited to, distribution of like exhibitors, building specific regulations that are not in accordance with exhibits needs, or noise considerations.

2.6      The Classic reserves the right to reassign any booth space that was subject to a cancellation, without compensation to the canceling Exhibitor.


Registration of Exhibitor Staff


3.1      The Classic will provide four (4) exhibitors passes and two (2) parking spaces for each 10” x 8” Booths.   [SF1] [DD2] We may provide more exhibitors passes if more than 1 booth is purchased.  This is to the discretion of the Classic.

3.2      Additional exhibitor’s passes may be purchased at Exhibitor check-in for a fee of $10 per pass.

Installation and Dismantling of Exhibits, including Electricity


4.1      Items shipped by motor freight must be palletized and shrink wrapped or in shipping cartons. A charge may be assessed for the unloading or transport of freight.

4.1.1  Shipments received prior to the Thursday, the day immediately prior to the show opening, MUST be arranged with the State Fairgrounds Association directly. The Classic is not responsible for any shipments made or denied prior to this day.

4.1.2  You may ship items to Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic, Attention: (Name of vendor, building you are assigned), SC State Fairgrounds, 1200 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC 29201.

4.2      Exhibitors’ setup must be completed and be ready for business at least one (1) hour prior to the opening of the Classic.

4.3      All vehicles and equipment for booth exhibit setup must removed for the fairway and exhibit buildings no later than one and one-half hours (1 ½) hours prior to the opening of the Classic.

4.4      No vehicles or trailers that are not part of an exhibit will be permitted to enter or exit exhibition buildings or fairway after the show has started on the first day through the conclusion of third day of the event.

4.5      Any space that is not claimed or occupied 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the show may be resold or reassigned at the discretion of the Classic.

4.6      All exhibits must remain intact and staffed during published show hours. Any exhibit dismantled or vacated prior to the end of the show jeopardizes future exhibitor eligibility, which may result in forfeiting discounts, grandfathered booth seniority, or barring the exhibitor from attending future shows.

4.7      Without prior arrangement with the Classic, all exhibitors and their associated exhibits must be removed in full no later than 9 p.m. on the third day (Sunday) of the event. If exhibits cannot be removed by Sunday, you will have until 11 a.m. Monday.  After that time, any remaining exhibits are subject to removal by the Classic and associated fees charged to the exhibitors.

4.8      All exhibitors must make arrangements no later than one (1) week prior to the event to set up or dismantle their exhibit space outside of posted set up and take down hours.

4.9      The Classic agrees to provide one eight (8)-foot table and two (2) folding chairs at no extra costs. The tables will be made available on a first-come basis and cannot be guaranteed. To ensure each exhibitor receives a minimum of one (1) table and two (2) chairs, exhibitors are asked to not take more than their allotment.

4.9      Indoor Electricity-The Classic agrees to provide each inside exhibitor one (1) electrical hook-up within 15 feet of their assigned booth location regardless of their booth space size. Any exhibitor that requires more than one (1) electrical hook-up must indicate this need on their applications and have paid any associated fees assess with their exhibitor fees.

4.10   Outside Electricity-Outside exhibitors and food vendors must notify the Classic management as to their electrical needs through indication on their exhibitor application. An additional charge will be assessed which commences on the day of hookup for concessions and outside exhibitors.   Outside electric availability is extremely limited. 

220V- All concessions and outside exhibitors utilizing a 220V hookup will be charge $100 for one hookup or $125 for two hookups.

110V-All concessions and outside exhibitors utilizing a 110V hookup will be charged $50 for each hookup.

4.11   Use of Tents

(Indoor) At no time may an indoor exhibitor utilize a tent within their booth space due to the eight (8)-foot depth of booths.

(Outdoor) To be in compliance with state law and local ordinances, any outside vendor must sufficiently secure all legs of their tents. Outside vendors must provide appropriate supplies such as cement blocks or a minimum of 30-gallon water barrels to secure large tents. A weight of minimum 50 pounds per leg for a 10-foot by 10-foot tailgate tent is required. At no time is the staking of tents permitted.       

4.12   Each exhibitor is encouraged to bring an extension cord, tools, tape and mop (if using water). Note that water is prohibited in the Moore Building.

4.13   The Classic does not utilize peninsula or end-cap booths. Limited exemptions may be granted at the sole discretion of the Classic.


Use of Exhibit Space/Displays


To create a professional and attractive event with unobstructed views of neighboring booth spaces, exhibitors must utilize their booth space(s) in accordance with the following rules and regulations:


5.1      Line-of-Site Rule:  Booth spaces are ten (10) feet wide and eight (8) feet deep. Booth height is eight (8) feet across the back wall. (Exceptions, XXL Booths and booths in the Moore building. Those are 10x10.)   To ensure the line-of-site the front three (3) feet of a booth or contents may not exceed five (5) feet in height. The use of displays (freestanding or tabletop) may not exceed eight (8) feet in height, unless permission is granted by the Classic at least one (1) week prior. Additionally, division rails must remain perpendicular to the back wall and may not be removed without permission from the Classic.

5.2     Exhibitors agree to refrain from noisy, distasteful, distracting, undignified or otherwise offensive displays. The Classic in its sole discretion may request exhibitors alter or physically remove those exhibits it judges to be not in keeping with the general theme, purpose, and desired atmosphere of the Classic. Failure to comply with any such request may result in the exhibitor being expelled from the show with no refund and/or denial of all future exhibitor applications for the Classic.

5.2.1  Booth Noise-Music or noise emitting from the exhibit space cannot exceed 75 decibels or be at volume that in the judgment of the Classic’s Management creates an unreasonable interference with the ability of other exhibitors to conduct business. All requests by the Classic’s management to reduce the music volume or noise level must be observed for the remainder of the event.

5.2.2  Signs-Illumination-The use of flashing signs or other lighting effects in such manner to cause unpleasant reflections or interfere with other exhibitors is prohibited.

5.2.3  Videos, Displays and Products- Exhibitors are prohibited from showing videos, displaying content or selling/distributing products that may be deemed offensive to the public which includes, but is not limited to:          Display of hunting practices and/or kill shots that are illegal or not appropriate for all age groups.          Display a negative view of outdoor recreation, including but not limited to hunting, fishing, boating or use of ATVs.          Display a negative view of any event sponsors, vendors or participants.          Support or oppose a previous or sitting politician. This includes visual display for anyone seeking office currently or in the future.                  Historical or other memorabilia that may be deemed offensive to segments of the public.

5.2.4  Raffle/Related Promotion- No items – including, but not limited to -- firearms, pets, vehicles, boats, ATVs or related motorized items will be allowed for display in booths for raffle or related promotions without prior approval of the Classic management. All exhibitors who request the ability to conduct a raffle must request the written approval of the Classic no less than one (1) week prior to the event. All requests must include a description and quantity of the item you wish to raffle, cost for prize, price for entry and how the winner will be selected and informed of the winning selection.

5.2.5  Animals/Pets-The State Fairground Association does not allow for any exhibitor or attendee to bring any animals, except certified service animals, without prior approval. Exhibitors or attendees who show up with animals without prior approval will be asked to remove them from the event.          All pre-approved or certified service animals must be confined with a leash, crate or other technique. At no time may dogs or other pets be allowed loose on the State Fairgrounds or in the associated buildings, except those contracted as part of the Classic.          At no time may approved animals/pets enter exhibition space where live wildlife is being displayed or shown outside their respective shows/seminars.          Under no circumstance is an exhibitor allowed to let a show attendee touch, pet or hold any animal/pet during the published show hours.          Exhibitors are solely responsible for the proper clean up after their pets.

5.2.6  Firearms- Due to the nature of the Classic, it is understood that an exhibitor may wish to display, raffle or sell firearms. It is imperative that all exhibitors wishing to engage in such activities include this on their exhibitor application.          Exhibitors who plan to display, raffle or sell firearms must receive permission to do so from the Classic’s Director no less than one (1) week prior to the event.          Approved exhibitors must abide by all state and federal laws that apply to display and sale of firearms.          No loaded firearms are permitted at any time within the exhibition area, except for duly authorized personnel designated by the Classic.

5.3      Exhibitors agree to the State Fairgrounds Rules and Regulations, which state no exhibitor may use nails, tacks, glue, staples, paint or otherwise deface any building, standard booth equipment, furniture or fixtures.

5.4      For exhibitors in the Moore Building only:

To maintain the integrity of the wall-to-wall carpeting within the Moore Building, all exhibitors are required to abide by these addition rules and regulations (as included in the State Fairground Association’s Vendor Rules and Regulations):

  • No painting, landscaping, masonry construction or industrial building of any kind.

  • Saunas or other items that require water are not allowed.

  • Carpet on top of carpet will not be allowed.

  • Vehicles (including trailers) that are part of an exhibit may be in the building after previous coordination with the fair office. We may require that fair personnel put the vehicle into the building. Plastic must be placed beneath the vehicle to catch any potential leaks.

  • Unloading will need to take place through the front doors or through the rollup door; cars will not be allowed to drive into the building to unload.

  • No tape may be attached to carpet.

  • No beverage-dispensing vehicles will be allowed in the building.

  • No “ice freezers” will be allowed in the building.

  • No food preparation or serving, except by contracted caterer or through lessor approval.

  • Only Fairgrounds personnel will conduct any forklift operations within the building.

  • Nothing may be attached to or leaned against the walls or ceilings.


It is the sole responsibility of those vendors that are assigned to the Moore Building to ensure that above restrictions do not limit their ability to conduct business as desired. The Classic does not guarantee those exhibitors adversely effected by these additional restrictions can be reassigned to another building during published set-up hours.


Conducting of Business During the Classic


6.1      Exhibitors agree to be bound by and comply with all federal and state laws, as well as all county and city ordinances including, but not limited to, those regarding safety and fire prevention.

6.2      Required Business Licensing-The Harry Hampton Wildlife Fund (HHF) will provide all required business licenses required by the City of Columbia for all approved exhibitors to conduct business during published event hours.

6.3      South Carolina Retail License-The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) requires that all vendors selling more than once in any 24-month period have a current State of South Carolina Retail License and pay State of South Carolina sales taxes directly to SCDOR. It is the sole responsibility of each approved exhibitors to complete all necessary SCDOR forms prior to the beginning of the Classic. Please direct all questions and concerns directly to the SCDOR concerning Retail Licenses and Sale Tax at

6.4      The rights of the exhibitor shall be to occupy a booth. Only products made, sold, or used by an exhibitor in the ordinary course of its business and as a part of its established trade may be exhibited.

6.5      Under the contractual agreement between the Classic and the State Fairgrounds Association, no goods, signs, or promotional pieces may be displayed or distributed in any exhibition area except within the exhibitor’s assigned booth space. Exhibitors may solicit business within the exhibitor area only.

6.6      Exhibitors must confine all selling and promotional activities to their exhibit space. Exhibitors are restricted from “selling in the aisles” at any time during published show hours.

6.7      Sale of items made from deer, bear, bird of prey parts/feathers and certain other species may not be sold. If in doubt, check.

6.8      The act of “buttonholing” is strictly prohibited. Buttonholing is defined as the act of detaining someone in conversation against his or her will.

6.9      Videotaping and/or photography is prohibited unless permission is given by the Classic.


If a complaint is received regarding any of the above-mentioned restrictions OR a member of the Classic’s management team sees a violation, the Classic management team will convene, and a decision will be made immediately as to the validity of the complaint/infraction. As previously stated, the Classic in its sole discretion may request exhibitors alter or physically remove those exhibits it judges to be not in keeping with the general theme, purpose, and desired atmosphere of the Classic. Failure to comply with any such request may result in the exhibitor being expelled from the show with no refund and/or denial of all future exhibitor applications for the Classic.



7.1      The Classic will provide 24-hour security guard service during the Classic.  Security starts Wednesday morning through Monday morning of Classic Week.  Any exhibitor that drops a trailer, boat or other items for their booths prior to Wednesday morning releases the Classic and the South Carolina Fairgrounds Association of any responsibility for what could occur to those items left.   This includes, but not limited to, theft, vandalism or destruction of said property.

7.2      Exhibitors may enter the exhibition area no more than one (1) hour before the scheduled opening on Saturday and Sunday. To enter the grounds one hour before the show opens, you must wear your exhibitor badge. No time may a member of your organization remain in the exhibition area after the closing hours.

7.3      Vendor gate (Gate 11) opens one (1) hour prior to schedule opening on Saturday and Sunday.  Do not attempt to enter the fairgrounds prior to schedule times.

Liability and Indemnity


8.1      The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic will take certain precautions against theft, strikes, or other emergencies, but the Classic does not guarantee or insure against loss from theft, strikes, or other emergencies.  If the Exhibitor desires insurance on such losses, the Exhibitor must obtain such insurance at its own expense.

8.2      Exhibitors agree to “hold harmless” the Classic, the State Fairgrounds Association and their respective personnel for any damage, injury, or loss to any person or property for any cause, directly or indirectly related to participation in the Classic. If the State Fairgrounds facility, exhibition area or its contents shall be destroyed or damaged by fire or other case, or if by reason of Government restriction or otherwise, the Exhibition is interrupted or prevented, then the Exhibitor waives any claims for damages or compensation, consequential or otherwise, which might arise by reason of the prevention or interruption.



9.1      If you are planning to stay on-site with an RV, you must register through the State Fair Grounds.  The Classic does not handle onsite RV registration.


The Classic reserves the sole and exclusive right to interpret, amend and enforce the Rules and Regulations here stated. The Classic may without written notice change and/or issue additional Rules and Regulations as it deems appropriate for the safety and good order of the Classic.


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