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1.1) The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic, in its sole discretion, shall determine the eligibility of a particular applicant to be and continue as an Exhibitor/Vendor. The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic expects Exhibitors to offer attractive values and

share in the promotion to assure better attendance. The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic accepts, offers, and assigns booths according to the discretion of the Classic.


1.2) The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic reserves the right, notwithstanding any other provision in the Rules and Regulations, to cancel its acceptance of an application at any time. The reasons for cancellation, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, might include: (1) change in the Exhibitor's product line from the product line first listed in the application and (2) the Exhibitor's becoming delinquent in paying any account with the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic. The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic reserves the right to apply any fees submitted with any application as payment toward any existing past-due account with the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic.


1.3) Exhibitor/Vendor may withdraw an application at any time prior to acceptance by written notice. There will be no refunds on cancellations received after thirty (30) days prior to show. The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic will make all refunds within thirty (30) days after the Classic.


1.4) The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic reserves the right to reassign any booth which was the subject of a cancellation, without compensation to the canceling Exhibitor. No exchanges





Area Control


2.1) The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic contracts with the State Fairgrounds Association for the area in which the Classic is held, and the Exhibitor/Vendor contract with the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic. Although the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic has contractual agreements with the State Fairgrounds Association, no goods, signs, or promotional pieces may be displayed or distributed in the Exhibition Area except within the booth. No vehicles, boats, ATV's, or related motorized items will be allowed for display in booths for raffle or related promotions without prior approval of the Classic management.


2.2) Only Exhibitor/Vendor are allowed to solicit business within the Exhibitor area. Exhibitors must confine all selling and promotional activities within the confines of the Exhibition Area to their booth(s). "Selling in the aisles" or "buttonholing" will not be permitted. Buttonholing is defined as:  The act of detaining someone in conversation against his or her will.


2.3) Exhibitor/Vendor understand and agree that the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic operates the Classic for the benefit of all of its Exhibitors and buyers in attendance. Exhibitors agree to refrain from noisy, undignified or otherwise offensive displays and selling practices. The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic in its sole discretion may alter or physically remove those exhibits it judges to be not in keeping with the general theme, purpose, and atmosphere of the Classic. The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic will prohibit the installation and operation of any exhibit not meeting its approval, and in its sole discretion may prohibit the Conduct of any activity whatsoever which it deems deleterious and not to the best interest of the show.


2.4) Exhibitors are prohibited from showing videos or displaying content: 1) which are offensive to the general public; 2) which have kill shots that are not in good taste; and/or 3) present a negative view of hunting. 4) presents a negative view of Show Sponsors.


2.5) LINE OF SIGHT RULE:  All merchandise, tables, etc. must stay within the booth. Merchandise or activity cannot interfere with neighboring booths. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Exposed ends and sides of displays (such as pegboards used) must be draped or covered so as not to detract from the appearance of a neighboring booth. Booth spaces are 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep. Booth height is eight (8) feet across the back wall. The front four (3) feet of a booth or contents may not exceed a three (3) foot height.  See graphic below.



2.6) Exhibitors agree to be bound by and to comply with national, state and city and State Fairgrounds Rules and Regulations including, but not limited to, those regarding safety and fire prevention. The Exhibitor may not use nails, tacks, glue, staples, paint or otherwise deface the building, standard booth equipment, or furniture and fixtures.


2.7) Exhibitor's exhibit must be set up and "ready for business" at least one (1) hour prior to the opening of the Classic. The Exhibitors agree to keep the Exhibits open and staffed during published Classic hours and not dismantle exhibits until after closing time on the last day.   Exhibitor who dismantle early will be penalized and placed on probation for the next year’s Classic.  Probation may include forfeiting discounts, grandfathered booth seniority, or barring the exhibitor from attending future shows.


2.8) Subletting or donation of space partially or in its entirety is not permissible without the written consent of the Classic management.




3.1) The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic will provide 24-hour security guard service during the Classic.  Security starts Wednesday morning through Monday morning of Classic Week.  Any exhibitor that drops a trailer, boat or other items for their booths prior to Wednesday morning releases the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic and the SC Fairgrounds of any responsibility for what could occur to those items left.   This includes, but not limited to, theft, vandalism or destruction of said property.


3.2) Exhibitors may enter the Exhibition area ONE HOUR before the scheduled opening on Saturday and Sunday. In order to enter the grounds one hour before the show opens, you must wear your exhibitor badge. No one may remain in the Exhibition Area after the closing hours. All exhibits must be dismantled by noon on Monday following the Classic. The Classic assumes no responsibility for items left in the Exhibition Area after this time.


3.3) Vendor gate (Gate 11) opens ONE HOUR Prior to schedule opening on Saturday and Sunday.  Do not attempt to enter the fairgrounds prior to schedule times.




Liability and Indemnity


4.1) The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic will take certain precautions against theft, strikes, or other emergencies, but the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic does not guarantee or insure against loss from theft, strikes, or other emergencies.  If the Exhibitor desires insurance on such losses, the Exhibitor should obtain such insurance at its own expense.


4.2) Exhibitors agree to “hold harmless” the Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic, the State Fairgrounds Association and their respective personnel for any damage, injury, or loss to any person or property for any cause, directly or indirectly related to participation in the Classic. If the State Fairgrounds facility or exhibition area or its contents shall be destroyed or damaged by fire or other case, or if by reason of Government restriction or otherwise, the Exhibition is interrupted or prevented, then the Exhibitor waives any claims for damages or compensation, consequential or otherwise, which might arise by reason of the prevention or interruption.




5.1) The Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic reserves the right without written notice to change these Rules and Regulations and to issue additional Rules and Regulations as it solely deems appropriate for the safety and good order of the Classic.


5.2) The rights of the Exhibitor shall be to occupy a booth. Only products made, sold, or used by an Exhibitor in the ordinary course of his business and as a part of  is established trade may be exhibited.


5.3) Items shipped by motor freight must be palletized and shrink wrapped or in shipping cartons. A charge will be made for unloading. SHIPMENTS RECEIVED PRIOR TO THURSDAY, THE DAY IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO THE SHOW OPENING, MUST BE ARRANGED WITH THE STATE FAIRGROUNDS ASSOCIATION.


Information will be forwarded to you with the confirmation of receipt of your application. You may ship items to Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic, Attention: (Name of vendor, building you are assigned), SC State Fairgrounds, 1200 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC 29201.


5.4) Sale of items made from deer, bear, bird of prey parts/feathers and certain other species may not be sold. If in doubt, check.




Permits & State Sales Tax


6.1) The Harry Hampton Wildlife Fund will provide the business license that is required by the City of Columbia for all exhibitors during the weekend of the Classic.


6.2) The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) requires that all vendors selling more than once in any 24 month period have a current State of South Carolina Retail License and pay State of South Carolina Sales Taxes directly to SCDOR. Forms you must complete in order to apply for your retail license are available by contacting the SCDOR.




7.1) Exhibitors who plan to sell firearms must received permission to do so from the Classic’s Director.


7.2) If exhibiting or selling firearms or ammunition, Exhibitors must abide by all Federal Firearms Laws or any State Laws that apply.


7.3) No loaded firearms are permitted in the Exhibition Area except for duly authorized personnel designated by the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic.




8.1) No dogs or other pets are allowed loose on the fairgrounds or in buildings, except working dog (guide, service or therapy) or pets contracted as part of the show. All pets which are a part of an exhibit or seminar shall be kept inside crate or closed living quarters and must be on a leash when not confined. Approved leashed pets are not allowed where live wildlife is being displayed or shown outside their respective shows/seminars.


8.2) Under no circumstances are you allowed to let a show attendee touch, pet or hold your pets during the show.


8.3) Exhibitors must clean up after their pets




Electricity / Tent Safety


9.1) The Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic agrees to provide for each inside exhibitor - electricity (within 15 feet), one 8 ft table and two chairs at no extra charge. Each exhibitor is encouraged to bring an extension cord, tools, tape and mop (if using water). No water allowed in Moore Building.


9.2) Outside exhibitors and Food vendors will have to notify the Classic management as to the electrical needs for the show. An additional charge will be assessed which commences on the day of hookup. All concessions and outside exhibitors utilizing a 220V hookup will be charged $30.00 per day for one hookup or $50.00 per day for two hookups. All concessions and outside exhibitors utilizing a 110V hookup will be charged $15.00 per day for each hookup. Electrical needs must be marked on your application and charges paid for with your exhibitor fees.


All Outside vendors must provide cement blocks or at least 30 gallon water barrels to secure large tents. No staking allowed.  50lbs per leg for a 10’x10’ tailgate tent. 


Campers / RVs


10.1) All campers with or without hookups will be charged the current rate set by the State Fair Office plus accommodation tax. The spaces for campers are on a firstcome basis. Please check with the State Fair Office prior to hook up.