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Thank you for your inquiry about the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic (March 25-27, 2022).  Below you will find the general information that you have requested.
As you may be aware, we had to cancel the Classic for 2021.   Though this is very disappointing, we are gearing up for a successful PSC22.  If you plan to join us for PSC 2022, here are a few things you need to know:
  • CURRENT VENDORS:  If you registered for PSC 2021 and want to join us for PSC 2022, you may transfer your fee over to next year's Classic, and grandfather your space from PSC 2021.
  • NEW VENDORS:  If you are new to the Classic (or were not registered for PSC 2021) we would love for you to join us next March.  Registration for new vendors will be open after our Grandfather Date, August 16, 2021.  On that date, you may check booth availability and register online for a booth.  Please circle back around to for more info.
Below is some info regarding buildings, locations, and prices.
List indoor booths by building:  Location map
  • Goodman Building
    • Vendors type: Hunting, Fishing or Outdoor related vendor
    • Costs: $500.00 Inline, $550.00 Corner
    • Booth Availability:  Link
    • To register for a booth:  Link
  • Cantey Building
    • Vendors type: Hunting, Fishing or Outdoor related vendor​​
    • Costs: $500.00 Inline, $550.00 Corner
    • XXL Booths (10'x10') $550.00
    • Booth Availability:  Link
    • To register for a booth:  Link
  • Moore Building:
    • Vendor Type: Any Professional Vendor
    • Costs: $375.00 Inline, $400.00 Corner
    • Booth Availability:  Link
    • To register for a booth:  Link
  • Ellison Building: Check Availability 
    • With the opening of the Goodman Building in 2016, the Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic decided to put our largest sponsor front and center.  The SCDNR and other conservations organizations fill this building with fish tanks, art contests, deer scoring, and many other informational booths at no cost.

    • If you are a conservation organization and would like to join the DNR and their mission, please contact us for more info.

    • Email for availability: 
Rules and Regulations for Vendors:
List of Current Vendors:
Thank you,





Dan DuPre

Special Events Coordinator for the SC Dept. of Natural Resources
Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic, Director
Camp Wildwood of South Carolina, Executive Director

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Room Number 209

1000 Assembly St.

Post Office Box 167

Columbia, SC, 29202


☏ (803) 734-4008     

📠 fax (803) 734-4300

General Information Letter

Goodman Building


Cantey Building


Moore Building

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